• Ojas Sharma

Fantasy Football: Game Week 2 Preview

The new season of Fantasy Football has kicked off in the Premier League and Game Week 1 is now behind us. As we head into Game Week 2, let us review the Game Week 1.

Game Week 1 was a high scoring week with an average score of 65 points. Majority of players, who were part of high selected by percentage, had a good score. So fantasy managers who tried to go for a lot of differentials did not have a good start.

The most captained player was Mohamed Salah who scored 1 goal and gave 1 assist and also bagged 2 bonus points. The highest-scoring player of the week was Raheem Sterling with 20 points. Raheem Sterling scored a hat-trick and could have got one more but the goal was disallowed by VAR. Since last week, Sterling has been acquired by 280,000 more managers.

One of the biggest story points of Game Week 1 was an injury to Liverpool Goalkeeper Alisson. He might be out of the Liverpool squad for as long as the end of September. This has created a unique opportunity for fantasy managers to get the just signed Goalkeeper Adrian. A word of caution though, Adrian is only 75% fit and was injured in the UEFA Super Cup match. Irrespective of the fact whether Adrian plays this week or not if you go in for him he just costs 4.5. No other top 6 side has a goalkeeper at that price.

Now, let us see how my team has done in Game Week 1.

Strategy to go with premium defenders paid off for the first week with my entire defense providing 34 points. When you have Mohamed Salah and Raheem Sterling in the team then the captain armband can just rotate amongst these 2. Sadly for me, I picked Mohamed Salah over Raheem Sterling otherwise my final score would have easily crossed 100 points. Still, I was just glad that I had both these players in my team.

Even with Luka Milivojevic, Gylfi Sigurdsson, and Joshua King not having a great week, I still finished the week 33 points more than the average score. I am ranked at 75,347 worldwide out of 6 million total fantasy managers and 2611 in India. Not a bad start!

For Game Week 2, I have already used my free transfer and swapped Mat Ryan with Adrian. I am hopeful that Adrian will be fit to start, otherwise, this gamble will be for nothing. The other concern is if Mohamed Salah will start. After playing 120 mins in the midweek UEFA Super Cup, starting on Saturday is a tough ask. With already Alisson out injured I don’t think Klopp will risk Salah.

With Man city hosting Spurs on the weekend, Sterling is not a straightforward pick. Still keeping his form in mind, and the lackluster first-hour performance by Spurs against Villa, I will be going with Raheem Sterling as Captain.