• Anonya Roy

Jimbaran: Of Sunsets and Seafood

You could chill at any spot (read, beach) in Bali and have a good time. But for the true art of relaxing, head to Jimbaran. Here the divine combination of stunning sunsets and mouth-watering array of seafood promises to take things up a notch.

The Sunsets: There are sunsets at beaches, and then there are SUNSETS at Jimbaran beach. Words cannot describe the beauty and the colors the sky wears, come sunset time. With the airport’s runway in the view, things get even more majestic as the flights land and take off with the setting horizon serving as the backdrop. Scroll through these pictures of one such classic evening that we spent staring at the horizon till the sun went down.

The Seafood: While not a seafood fan myself (the husband being vegetarian and all that), we did walk into a couple of restaurants to witness the famed seafood destination that is Jimbaran. After all it is a fishing village, what else would you expect? And trust us when we say this, if you are a seafood lover you got to visit Jimbaran. The beach is dotted with restaurants selling the freshest, live catches of the day. You can select what you want to eat from the display tanks where the fish are kept. The vegetarian husband was not too willing to click pictures here, so nothing to show. But bon appetit to those of you who are already booking their flights.