• Ojas Sharma

Revolt Motors RV400: Game changer in motorcycles

Revolt Motors is bringing something to the Indian market which will be a game-changer for the entire 2 wheeler segment. As you go through the article you will realize how big this change is and how it will trigger the big brands as well to bring electric variants.

For an average motorcycle rider, let us discuss the things we hate.

Things we hate about motorcycles

  • What I hate the most is holding clutch the entire time and crawling at a speed of 10-20 km/hr in traffic. We hardly ever get empty roads to just zoom around. I have even developed a bit of pain in my hand.

  • And who can forget the constant changing of gears to keep up with this slow traffic? My higher gears often feel left alone as I am usually riding around the 1st or 2nd gear at a crawling pace.

  • No storage space as compared to a scooter. However, more storage in scooter reduces the seating area for the pillion as compared to motorcycles. So I will call this a neutral point.

  • Many new motorcycles are quite heavy as compared to scooters.

For a few months now I was looking at the non-geared motorcycles, also known as scooters. But there are many distinct disadvantages of scooters as well.

Things we hate about scooters

  • The low ground clearance of scooters, due to smaller wheels, are not the best for Indian roads. I have seen countless times the scooters entering the ditch and hitting the edge. Aprilia did try to solve this with bigger wheels and was quite successful as well but there are other problems too.

  • The smaller wheels don’t give you much confidence in braking. Although we have disc brakes and ABS on many high-end scooters now. But still!

  • Small fuel tanks have forced their riders to be more frequent visitors to the petrol pump. You can’t just fill it up for a week, like in the case of Motorcycles.

  • The suspension is there in these scooters but it is something which is only read in the specs sheet and felt less while riding.

  • Scooters look less stylish in front of their big brother motorcycles. Motorcycles of late look quite stunning and have a big visual appeal. I won’t deny that Vespa bikes are class in themselves. Still, they are no match for the new age motorcycles.

  • The last but not the least, awkwardly hanging pillion rider. Your legs are just not that much comfortable as a pillion rider on these scooters as compared to motorcycles.

So we have now seen the disadvantages of both scooters and motorcycles. Now let us discuss what should be the ideal two-wheeler for our Indian roads.

The ideal two-wheeler

  • Should have a high ground clearance to take care of the ditches

  • Should have very good suspensions to take care of the ditches

  • Should be automatic and not require any clutch or gear

  • Should have big tires with latest braking technology

  • Should be comfortable for pillion rider

  • Should save us time by avoiding petrol pump visits

  • Should be stunning in visual appeal

  • Should be less in weight to make it easier for everyone to ride

Now Revolt Motor’s RV400 has all of these desired things. Although, I am not sure about the less weight part yet. Revolt Motor’s RV400 is giving us the most ideal two-wheeler for the Indian roads. With this bike, you can take advantage of both motorcycles and scooter’s merits.

Revolt Motor’s RV400 is India’s first electric motorcycle. ARAI has certified the battery to last for 156 km in one charge. With rising tension between Iran and the United States of America and other political uncertainties, having a petrol bike might soon be luxury. So what is better than having an electric motorcycle which you can charge at home. You can simply take out the battery and take it home to charge. It takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Once you have charged it, just put it back in.

Revolt Motors have gone a step ahead and offered swappable battery stations. This concept is not new as few Carmakers have kept a similar setup in many countries. You just arrive at a Swap station and exchange your discharged battery for a fully charged battery, for a minimal fee. What's more, Revolt Motor’s will deliver the battery home as well. You can even check your battery’s power in real-time so that you don’t end up without the juice and lugging the bike around.

RV400 has a lot of AI features as well. Revolt Motors has made the motorcycle more of a smart bike by connecting it to your phone. The best thing that Revolt Motors have done is to fit the RV400 with GPS. You can just check your phone to see where your bike is. This will be especially helpful for the times when you park your bike in no parking and it is lifted by the cops. First, you are not sure if it has been stolen or lifted by the cops. As of now if you are not familiar with the area you are just wondering where the cops have taken the bike. If your bike has ever been lifted you will understand the pain.

Another feature which I liked is the option to change your exhaust’s sound. You can just log in to the app and change the sound from 4 presets. If you are not familiar with an electric engine then let me tell you that they do not make any noise at all. In India, it can be very dangerous because of jaywalkers available in abundance. Hence, what Revolt Motors have done is added speakers on the bike which simply plays the sound. This also means no exhausts, which become extremely hot and end up burning pillion rider’s chappals.

Revolt Motors have already launched their app on Google Play Store. You can download it and see the demo features. The app lets you switch the bike on and off, see nearby battery Swap station, order a battery, see your recent trips, show how many kilometers of battery is left and Geo-fence lock your bike. Geo-fence lock will ensure that your bike only works within the radius you choose in the city.

Check out the screenshots below of the app.

There are many other features and specs of the bike which you can check on their website. The price of the RV400 will be revealed by Revolt Motors on 28th August. You can pre-book the bike by paying Rs. 1000 as a token amount on Revolt Motors website or Amazon India.

The last but not the least reason to cheer for this bike is that it is electric and Indian government has announced only 5 percent GST on electric vehicles. This push from the Indian government and the success of Revolt RV400 can open the floodgates for electric vehicles in India. The future looks bright and sustainable.

Image Courtesy: RevoltMotors